Gregory Darroll
Design. Illustration. Motion.


My background and career. As well as what services are offered.



From doodling my way through school, building my own toys, and constantly customising everything in sight - a creative career was bound to happen. Soon after I completed my studies at The Durban University of Technology in 2009 I joined a small studio in Durban South Africa, that had built up quite a name for itself: disturbance. Whilst working there under the guidance of Richard Hart, I vastly expanded my skill-set.

A few years later in 2012, I set out on my own under the pseudonym 'Tokyo-Go-Go' as a freelance illustrator. Creating for dream brands and clients across the globe such as SEGA, Adidas & RVCA to name a few. 

Having been a part of a small studio as well as having spent some time working on my own, I had yet to dive into the world of big-game advertising. In 2013 this changed, as I was offered a position at The Hardy Boys where I learnt a tremendous amount over the next four years whilst climbing the ranks from Designer to Creative Director.

In 2017 the freelance bug was back. I left THB to begin the next chapter. Creating my own studio. A studio that places creativity first by not only pushing expectations, but also ensuring that a ton of fun is had while doing it.


Graphic Design


Motion Graphics

Identity Design

2D Animation